Classic Wilkes/Workes

Tom Wilkes Hollywood 1967 Wilkes 1957 Tom Flipping the Bird Grammy for "Tommy"

A showing of selected album and graphic art by Tom Wilkes, Grammy Award winning Art Director/Designer.

Grammy Winning Album Package "Tommy" The Who
Beggar's Banquet Rolling Stones
Ike Turner Tina Turner
Pearl Album Stoney End Album
Ringo Starr On Tour featuring Eric Clapton
Neil Young Neil Young
George Harrison George Harrison
George Harrison George Harrison
Beatles 1962-1966 Beatles 1967-1970
Gap Band Flying Burrito Bros. Click Image to visit www.gramparsons.com
Joe Cocker Emmylou Harris
REO Speedwagon Tarantula
Super Chicken Sweathog
George Harrison Camouflage
Project Interspeak/Orca Childhood's End
Take It Back Foundation Logo Human Dolphin Foundation Logo
Jungle with Broom Project Interspeak Foundation Logo
Dolphins and Spheres Watercolor Project Interspeak Stained Glass

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