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Project Interspeak is a not-for-profit environmental and human rights organization devoted to planetary enhancement programs. We work in association with entertainment / advertising business professionals, cetalogists, scientists, conservationists and educators. Our agenda includes the production of educational material, public service announcements and print campaigns in addition to book and magazine publications, films and videos, documentaries, special multimedia events, educational programs and joint venture projects with other groups.

Beatles Art Poster


It was in February, 1967 when the Beatles were asked by Derek Taylor, the group's publicist, to contribute a drawing for an ad in the Monterey International Pop Festival program book. The "Fab Four" complied with a psychedelic masterpiece which was included by Tom Wilkes, art director for the event, as part of the festival book he was designing and producing.

The drawing is an original piece of art that was created by the Beatles. It is a felt marker, colored pencil and ink artwork that speaks of many things including "Loving You, PEACE to Monterey from Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "How are you Bob."

The Monterey Pop Festival was a great success and opened the door to the concept of Pop Music as a forum to communicate important social issues. It was immediately followed by other monumental concerts such as Woodstock, Stonehenge, Bangla Desh, and Live Aid.

The priceless creation has been in the hands of Tom Wilkes for 37 years. It was published in the Pop Festival program in 1967 and once again, with Wilkes' permission, in Derek Taylor's book, "Fifty Years Adrift" and currently in "The Beatles Anthology."

The classic piece of rock'n roll art commemorates a time of great spiritual, political and creative change in the world. As such, "Peace to Monterey" has significant cultural value as a historical, artistic document.

The Beatles artwork is being featured on special lithographs, hats, and other merchandise to focus attention on world peace. The original Beatles "Peace to Monterey" art of 1967 will be offered worldwide, through an international auction, to create funding for the Project Interspeak "Global Jam," communication event scheduled for the summer of 2006. The merchandise and event presentation will be sponsored by Project Interspeak, a not-for-profit environmental and human rights organization, with world peace groups as the designated beneficiaries.

Global Jam Logo

G L O B A L   J A M

We are not alone. Our kinship with nature must be reestablished. We used to think of ourselves as the center on the universe, with the cosmos revolving around us. We've always considered humankind to be the only intelligent life form on earth with all the other creatures incapable of thought, reason or intellect that parallels our own. Surprisingly enough, we share the planet with another cognizant species. The Cetaceans have a very specialized level of consciousness. Whales and dolphins for example, are air breathing mammals like ourselves, with stronger family ties, larger brains, a weightless environment in which to live and an integrity of mind and spirit more highly developed than most other life forms on earth.

Once we realize that we are not alone, we make a quantum leap in our understanding of the place we occupy in the scheme of things, moving beyond tribal and individual states of consciousness, to the planetary. At that time, we'll know better than to waste the very world which sustains us.

We dream of contact and communication with other beings. Contact may be the one life-changing, life-affirming act which can make possible the vital harmony and reverence for creation we must have to survive on the planet. This understanding may be a necessary step before the human race decides to begin its expansion into the universe.

Because of the high-tech communications revolution, the world has become a community of ethnic neighborhoods. Global access through the internet allows us to exchange information instantly. We can send letters, graphics, music, photographs, films and live productions to each other. Unfortunately, this is a luxury affordable only to affluent nations and is not available to most of the people in the third world. A lack of understanding and education is a serious problem contributing to global anger, fear, disease and poverty.

We have exchanged technology for spirituality. We are becoming a species that is divided by abundance on one side and hopelessness on the other. We are organic beings. The beauty of humankind is an ability to grow creatively and spiritually.

Fulfillment in our lives should come from growth and compassion, not selfishness and oppression. Four percent of the world population consumes 46 percent of the energy. This is a perfect example of the injustice in the global community. There is a definitive separation between the haves and the have-nots. Religion achieves its goals by using its doctrines to justify violence. The terrorists justify violence with religion. Capitalism justifies violence with self-righteousness.

The event will be a mixed-media presentation of live music, videos, speakers, dancers and the Cetaceans in a Global Jam. The show features rock, jazz, classical, folk, ethnic and tribal music groups performing together in sync and live time, from sacred sites around the world. The locations include Egypt, Australia, Asia, Britain, USA, Peru, Japan and Mexico.

A worldwide celebration hosted by tribal leaders of indigenous peoples, to communicate prophesies, legends and mythology relating to current spiritual and geophysical changes starting to take place around the globe. The joining together of all levels of humanity, to participate in a mega communication event. A united effort by people, and hopefully, the dolphins and whales to create harmony, world peace and a greater understanding and appreciation for the miracle of life on earth. We must share the need to work together to protect humankind and our fragile environment.

Imagine live-time music being performed in sync by world famous bands, orchestras and folk artists at sacred-site locations, hosted by spiritual shaman. The venues would include the Great Pyramid, Machu Pichu, Monte Alban, Ayers Rock, Stonehenge, Mesa Verde, Mount Fuji, Palenque, Easter Island and Anchor Watt.

Imagine a global audience experiencing the excitement of a united stand by peoples of all nations, religions, races and spiritual beliefs, sharing the common goal of universal peace, love and unity.

Imagine a doctrine of peace and brotherhood signed electronically on the worldwide web by committed individuals and nations.

Imagine the collective consciousness of more than a billion human beings around the world focused on global transformation.

Imagine the mystic shaman performing sacred ritualistic rights, in consort with the songs of the great whales, to bring about universal harmony.

Imagine the energy created by this event. There has never been a united effort on this scale, to bring about a universal paradigm shift in human consciousness and a global agreement to establish a lasting and equitable peace on earth.

All of this is possible. In John Lennon's words, "Imagine all the people, living life in peace." It can be accomplished. It must be done. We have to open the doors of perception to everyone and create new ideas to come together with ourselves and our planet. We have to find a way to insure material and spiritual equality. The world can no longer tolerate the abject poverty and suffering we have created through our greed and indifference.

City Slicker Logo

C I T Y   S L I C K E R

City Slicker is an inner-city renewal business plan that would eliminate poverty, create self esteem, educate and provide an ownership role to gang kids and the homeless. This concept could develop the neighborhood ghettos into income generating business and learning centers. The project would repair the ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots.

The slums in the central cities of America are becoming war zones. There are more kids on the street, more gangs and more homeless than ever before in our history. If we don't straighten this out we're in big trouble. Our country is in danger of losing our middle class, which has been the backbone and strength of our Nation.

A revolutionary food production system has been developed and is in place in many third world countries. These high-yield farms feed millions of people with limited land use and have already saved countless number of lives in famine ridden areas of the planet. Inner-city applications utilizing reclaimed acreage can provide a source of food and jobs for thousands of people. These farms yield fish, shrimp, fruits, vegetables and grains. This miraculous system has already been proven worldwide. There is no reason why we can't apply this technology to the impoverished ghettos of America.

The idea is to go into the devastated city slums, tear down and remove the decaying structures and underground material. The land could be recycled and made productive with potable water and organic fertilizers. These neighborhoods would be transformed into productive farms to create food and jobs for the needy and a common cause to unite the ethnic groups, street gangs and homeless to give them an ownership role in the system. This is the nucleus of an idea for the City Slicker integrated systems project.

At this point we have the foundation of a productive, income generating entity that would produce more than enough food to feed the local people and create a surplus that could be packaged for sale. The project would also cleanup, sanitize and beautify the environment. Now we have the basic ingredient for a private corporation with the locals as shareholders. At this point we could create funds for low cost housing and jobs for gang kids and the homeless.

Now that the ball is rolling, the co-op could generate seed money from low interest government loans and non-profits to create business opportunities that would bring jobs and income into the system. The next step is to build low cost, organic fast food restaurants and related enterprises to manufacture and market homegrown products.

When things start to become productive new business is added to the complex that will educate and support the ghetto youth, as well as produce income. The project will build studios to teach and record pop, rock, hiphop, classical and jazz music, graphic design centers utilizing the folk art of ethnic groups, automotive shops that teach body work that integrates the street style of painting and customizing cars and galleries that sell and teach art, design and photography. The concept is to educate and build on existing talents using local and intercultural art forms to experience the joy, pride and self-esteem of creating an income and something of value.

The ultimate payoff is that everyone in the project is a stockholder and a partner in the system. They all have jobs, housing and a weekly paycheck. When the cooperative makes a profit the partners receive dividends. Anyone who shirks their responsibility or causes trouble, is out. This will create self-esteem, a sense of pride and a whole new family structure for intercity people. The project would replace the identity problems with respect, the joy of belonging and an ownership role in society.

Imagine the rich texture of products and services created by the project. The street art, music, ceramics, crafts, foods and hip clothing styles would create new ways to utilize the diversity of inner-city culture to develop income producing businesses. The corporate family would eliminate the anger and despair that is destroying America.

There is no excuse for the nightmare experienced by the homeless, poor and lost souls in the crime ridden ghettos of our country. It is said that charity begins at home. City Slicker says, "To hell with charity!" Self-esteem comes from hard work with an ownership role in the system. This is not a hand out. It's a hand up to build a sense of pride, financial security and respect.

I believe we have an obligation as Americans, to help and assist our fellow citizens as vigorously as we have helped other countries with Foreign Aid. Let's use our collective strength and abilities to build and support a stronger America. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to eliminate poverty, hopelessness and anger in this country.
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