Who the hell is Tom Wilkes?

Tom Wilkes is an award-winning
Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Writer, Photographer and Producer-Director. He has been the art director for the Monterey Pop Festival, A&M Records, ABC Records, The Human Dolphin Foundation and has also served as a partner in Camouflage Productions, Wilkes and Braun and was the President of Tom Wilkes Productions. Wilkes is responsible for scores of award winning designs including a Grammy for his 1973 "Tommy" album package. He has done hundreds of hit record covers, posters, logos, books, trade ads and illustrations. Tom has produced and directed TV and radio spots, music videos, films, mixed media presentrations and special events. He is currently Director of Wilkes/Works, Project Interspeak, Buffalo Pickle, Planet Gear and has a line of merchandise to fund and support planetary issues.
L.A. Art Directors, N.Y. Art Direstors & Society of Illustrators, Rolling Stone Mag, Art Direction Mag, Creative Arts Mag, Billboard Mag, Music Week Mag, The 1 Show, Grammy 1974 and many more.
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1967 Monterey Pop Festival
"Music, Love and Flowers"

Once upon a time there was a rebellion, a revolution against the status quo. The youth of America were sick and tired of the Viet Nam war, racism and the endless political whitewash in the media. Out of this anger and unrest came the world's first Pop Music Festival.

The Monterey International Pop Festival was about music, flower children, and the celebration of life. The event was a protest manifesting in rock'n roll music, long hair, strange dress, drugs and free love. It was thrust in the face of what was then referred to as "The Establishment".

The Monterey Pop Festival was the main event of 1967's "Summer of Love" and one of contemporary rock's defining moments. This peaceful revolution was expressed through a universal language of music, poetry, the graphic arts and new lifestyles. The lyrics of popular songs reflected the feelings of the movement. Monterey Pop was a gathering of the tribes to celebrate the dawn of a new age and bring about a positive change in existing politics, ideals and institutions.
* Wilkes artwork is being featured on special lithographs, prints, and other merchandise offered at Planet Gear to focus attention on world peace. The original Beatles "Peace to Monterey" art of 1967 will be offered worldwide, through an international auction, to create funding for the Project Interspeak "Global Jam," communication event. The merchandise and event presentation will be sponsored by Project Interspeak, is a not-for-profit environmental and human rights organization, with world peace groups as the designated beneficiaries.

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